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Recent production and marketing situation and forecast of PVC market in Russia

in September, the Russian PVC market had some changes compared with August. This year, Prince new materials, a leading enterprise in the packaging industry, set up a number of new subsidiaries. In the spring, the demand for PVC in Europe increased significantly, stimulating the growth of PVC production in Russia. Sayansk chemical and plastic company, the largest PVC exporter in Russia, finished the planned equipment maintenance ahead of schedule. This is the gap between the existing PVC inventory products of the manufacturer, and the ex factory price before tax is rubles per ton (US dollars). In September, it is planned to raise prices slightly%

stierlitamak caustic soda plant is the largest supplier in Russia's domestic PVC market, with a monthly output of PVC tons. About 50% of its products are exported and 50% are sold domestically. The factory's pre tax ex factory ton price of PVC this month was rubles (US dollars), up 7% from last month. The price increase seems to be caused by the growth of PVC demand

the selling price of 7058 PVC produced by the jerrensk caprolactam plant sold by Siberian ural Petrochemical Company remained unchanged at the level in August, that is, the ex factory price per ton before tax was 17500 rubles (US $554)

the pre tax ex factory ton price of PVC produced by the new Moscow nitrogen fertilizer plant is 15500 rubles (US $490). The factory has no plan to adjust the price in the near future

a potential problem in the Russian PVC market may be China's anti-dumping investigation on Russian PVC. For a long time, China has been a major importer of PVC from Russia, and enterprises should speed up technological progress. At present, half of Russia's PVC production is for export. Therefore, any change in China's PVC import policy to Russia will have a direct and significant impact on the Russian PVC market. Recently, the international market price of PVC is: Europe - US $535 per ton (nwe FOB conditions); Asia - $550 per ton (CFR condition)

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