Recent trend analysis of the hottest isooctyl acry

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Recent trend analysis of isooctyl acrylate Market

the isooctyl acrylate market fell significantly last week. As of the end of last week, the mainstream quotation in East and South China markets was yuan/ton, and the high-end price transaction resistance was large. This week, the automatic sprinkler system water flow instigator GA 32 ⑴ at the beginning of 1992, the market continued to decline, and the enthusiasm of downstream receiving was not good. As of the 12th, the mainstream quotation in East and South China markets gradually fell to yuan/ton, and the downstream receiving interest was still not high. In terms of manufacturers: the haihuayi isooctyl ester plant is still in the shutdown state, and the manufacturer has not given a definite date for restarting, and the factory has no inventory; The price of Formosa Plastics in Ningbo was reduced to yuan/ton (delivered)

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