Recent trend analysis of some raw materials in the

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Recent trend analysis of some raw materials in Southwest China

the market atmosphere of titanium dioxide in Southwest China is stable, and the price fluctuates slightly

at present, the market trading atmosphere is relatively stable, the production of downstream industries starts well, the demand for raw materials is very stable, and end users are motivated to purchase. Traders' mentality is stable and market prices fluctuate slightly. In the future, supported by the cost and supply side, the price will remain strong against the background of stable market trading volume. At present, the market price of anatase titanium dioxide in Southwest China is 10500 ~ 10650 yuan/ton, and the market price of titanium dioxide r902 is 19900 ~ 20100 yuan/ton

the southwest triphenyl benzene market is operating strongly, and the price fluctuates and rises.

at present, the trend of pure benzene continues to remain strong. Although the external quotation has fallen to a certain extent, the price difference between the internal and external markets is still larger than that of the current popular automotive industry, and the market supply is also gradually digesting, making traders more stable on the market. Although the market supply of toluene and xylene is not clear, which makes buyers cautious in operation and traders' mentality of holding goods has also weakened, the tight supply situation supports the steady rise of market prices. In the aftermarket, the recent crude oil price has gradually fallen, and the market operation background has become weaker than that in the early stage. Toluene and xylene, which have been high for a long time, are facing price pressure. However, the maintenance of multiple domestic units in the later stage will provide support for the market, and the market may fluctuate at a high level; The supply pressure of pure benzene will gradually decline further under the active regulation of the manufacturer, and some traders believe that it is still possible to rise slowly. At present, the market quotation of Southwest pure benzene is yuan/ton, toluene is yuan/ton, and xylene is yuan/ton

the southwest phthalic anhydride market trend remains strong, and the price rises steadily

the southwest phthalic anhydride market continues to rise in this period. At present, the upstream and downstream market trend of phthalic anhydride is good. The raw material orthobenzene is sold smoothly in the market, and the power frequency is 50Hz; 3. The manufacturer's quotation continues to rise, driving the cost of phthalic anhydride to further increase and expanding the price space of phthalic anhydride; Downstream market demand continues to rise, factory production starts actively, and the consumption of phthalic anhydride increases. In terms of market supply, although the operating rate of devices has increased recently, it will take some time to replenish the inventory in the early stage. In addition, there are not many sources of imported goods, so the market stock is relatively tight, stimulating traders to raise their quotations. In the future, at present, under the background of strong upstream and downstream and tight supply, the price of phthalic anhydride in the external market has risen strongly, which continues to boost market confidence. Sellers are on the high line of the market, but buyers are more resistant to high priced raw materials, so they are cautious about buying. At present, the market price of phthalic anhydride in Southwest China is 10500 ~ 10800 yuan/ton

the market trend of phenol in Southwest China is ups and downs, and the price first decreases and then increases

southwest phenol fluctuates sharply in this period. Affected by the imminent start-up of Jihua plant in the early stage, the market has gradually increased concerns about the supply in the late stage, buyers' wait-and-see mentality has increased, the trading volume has decreased, and traders have reduced prices and promotions due to the slowdown of shipments. But then came the news of the 200000 ton failure and accidental shutdown at Caojing of Gaoqiao Petrochemical. The merchants immediately waited and waited, and offered few quotations to ordinary customers. Even if the quotation was very high, the atmosphere of holding goods in the market was very strong. At present, buyers' inquiry is active, but the supply of goods is difficult to find. In the aftermarket, due to the failure of Jihua phenol plant to produce products on schedule and the current failure maintenance of Gaoqiao plant, it is said that the shutdown time will take more than ten days, which intensifies the tension of supply. Coupled with the rebound of downstream bisphenol a market, the external market trend also remains strong, so the decline time of phenol is postponed, and the market will continue to be supported. At present, the market quotation of phenol in Southwest China is yuan/ton

the southwest acetone market trend is rising, and the price is rising steadily.

there are few transactions in the southwest acetone market in this period, but the speculative atmosphere is rising. At present, the price of upstream raw materials is high and stable, which continues to support the cost of acetone. The phenol market trend is strong again, which has a positive impact on the acetone market. The most important thing is that the accidental shutdown of 200000 tons of phenol and ketone at Caojing of Gaoqiao Petrochemical has greatly stimulated the market. Traders also took the opportunity to raise prices, and the manufacturers increased their quotations, which promoted the rise of the market. In terms of market transactions, end users are more resistant to price increases. Most of their purchases are to meet the immediate needs of production, and they have a heavy wait-and-see mentality. However, the receipt of goods by middlemen has actively promoted the rise of transactions, and their speculation has activated the market atmosphere. In the future, the current external market trend is stable, domestic Jihua products have not been put on the market, and the shutdown and maintenance of Gaoqiao Petrochemical have supported the recent supply side, and market participants are optimistic about the market. At present, the market price of acetone in Southwest China is 7700 ~ 7900 yuan/ton

the methanol market in Southwest China is calm, and the price fluctuates slightly

at present, the 350000 ton methanol plant of Chongqing SVW in Sichuan Chongqing area is still in the process of shutdown and defect elimination, and the manufacturer currently sells inventory products. Sichuan Jiangyou methanol plant resumed normal operation. Due to the limitation of insufficient gas supply, some methanol plants in Sichuan and Chongqing have been under construction. At present, the supply of goods in the market is basically stable. At present, the mainstream ex factory quotation of methanol in Sichuan and Chongqing is yuan/ton, of which the price outside the province is yuan/ton, the self raised price in this region is yuan/ton, the high-end price is mostly retail price, and the mainstream transaction is about yuan/ton. The downstream formaldehyde market has a good trend, providing strong demand support for methanol. Some main methanol plants in Yunnan have been started, and the mainstream ex factory quotation is 2550 yuan/ton

the southwest formaldehyde market has a steady trend, with prices rising slightly

the southwest formaldehyde market has maintained a very strong trend in this period. In the upstream market, the spot quantity of methanol is tightening, and the price is running at a high level, which has a strong support for the cost of formaldehyde. In the downstream, the production situation of the plate processing industry is good, which has built a stable demand foundation for adhesives, coatings and other industries. The consumption of formaldehyde in the market has increased, and the trading atmosphere is very active. At present, the production enthusiasm of formaldehyde plants is high, and a set of 20000 ton/year devices in this region are shut down for maintenance, which reduces the spot supply, stimulates the purchase enthusiasm of buyers in some regions, and the market price is stable and rising. In the aftermarket, at present, suppliers' inventories are low, shipments are good, and the market supply exceeds demand. Traders continue to be optimistic about the aftermarket. At present, the market price of formaldehyde in Southwest China is 1320 ~ 1480 yuan/ton

the southwest acetic acid market continued to rise, and the price rose strongly

the trading atmosphere of Southwest acetic acid in this period was relatively active. In terms of supply, YARACO acetic acid plant is in the period of shutdown and maintenance, and the manufacturer has tight inventory and good sales. In the downstream market, the acetate Market rose steadily, the price of vinyl acetate continued to rise due to tight supply, and the downstream demand for raw materials increased steadily, providing better support for the acetic acid market. Due to the reduction of spot supply in the market, traders are more optimistic about the market, and the quotation is very strong. Buyers can only gradually follow up in the case of a small supply. In the aftermarket, as the manufacturers continue to raise the ex factory price, which effectively boosted market confidence, and the supply side will continue to be in a tight state for a period of time, which has strong support for the price, market participants believe that the market will maintain a steady upward trend. At present, the market quotation of Southwest acetic acid is yuan/ton

the southwest vinyl acetate Market operated steadily, and the price increased slightly.

vinyl acetate in Southwest China continued to be supported by tight supply in this period. In terms of supply, Chongqing SVW vinyl acetate plant is still in the process of shutdown and defect elimination, and the manufacturer sells inventory products. With the decline of the inventory level of merchants, the market spot quantity gradually decreases. In terms of relevant aspects, the price of acetic acid in the upstream is up again, and the polyvinyl alcohol in the downstream continues to maintain a steady trend and has a certain upward intention. In addition, the import price of vinyl acetate continues to rise, which has strong psychological support for the market. At present, traders are more confident in the market, and their quotations have increased slightly. Due to tight supply, buyers' purchase intention has been improved to a certain extent, so the trading atmosphere has been active. In the future, at present, the downstream industry is in a prosperous period of production, and the consumption of raw materials is relatively stable, which provides a better demand market for vinyl acetate. At the same time, affected by the sharp rise in the price of ethylene monomer, the external market will continue to rise, so there is still some room for the price of vinyl acetate to rise in the later period. At present, the market price of vinyl acetate in Southwest China is 9750 ~ 9900 yuan/ton

the southwest polyester chip market runs sideways, and the price fluctuates slightly

although the trend of Southwest polyester chips in this period is stable, it has shown a weakening direction. At present, the polyester raw material market is gradually weakening, the support for the cost of polyester chips is weakened, the trend of polyester fiber in the downstream is lack of power, the factory is subject to the increase of inventory, the production momentum is weaker than the early stage, the demand for raw materials is slowly decreasing, and the dull trend of upstream and downstream makes the operating environment of polyester chips gradually weaken. In addition, recently, the operating rate of polyester chip manufacturers has gradually increased, and the supply volume in the market is very abundant, which makes the pressure on the supply side rise slowly, and the power of price rise has been insufficient. Therefore, traders are cautious, and their willingness to ship begins to increase. In the future, as the driving force of upstream raw materials is weakened and the downstream demand is relatively flat, the rising space of polyester chip market is relatively narrow, and the possibility of weak shocks is greater. At present, the market quotation of polyester chips in Southwest China is yuan/ton

the southwest ethylene glycol market trading was flat, and the price was stable and slippery

the southwest ethylene glycol market maintained a flat atmosphere in this period, with a very narrow range of shocks. At present, the operation of downstream polyester plants is relatively stable, but there is a wait-and-see mood in purchasing raw materials, because the current and expected supply is sufficient, which has a certain negative impact on buyers. In the face of sluggish downstream demand, the mentality of market traders is also slightly depressed, so the transaction price is stable and falling. In the aftermarket, at present, the crude oil price is volatile and the market transaction is relatively weak, which makes the operating background of ethylene glycol unclear. In addition, the supply of goods is relatively sufficient, so there is little hope of a significant improvement in the market in the near future. However, supported by the purchase cost, traders will not easily ship at a loss, so the market will continue to maintain a flat atmosphere. At present, the southwest ethylene glycol market offers 8100 ~ 8150 yuan/ton

the southwest polyvinyl alcohol market is running steadily, and the price is slightly higher.

the southwest polyvinyl alcohol market has stabilized in this period with the support of the supply side. Due to the shutdown of SVW polyvinyl alcohol plant in Chongqing, the manufacturer's sales inventory and the weakening of the supply capacity to general users, the market supply side was affected to a certain extent, and the entry of middlemen was very active, which stimulated the trading atmosphere of the market. In the raw material market, the vinyl acetate Market has risen steadily, which has a strong support for the cost and price operation of polyvinyl alcohol. However, the demand of the downstream weaving industry is relatively stable, and users have the enthusiasm to purchase, which provides a better demand basis for polyvinyl alcohol. Therefore, traders are more confident in the later stage. In terms of price, the quotation of suppliers is stable, and the packaging structure of this kind of city is also convenient for food to be placed in the microwave oven, and the price of the heating field is slightly higher. In the future, due to the good support of the supply to the market, the steady rise in raw material prices, and the stable downstream demand, it will maintain a strong shock in the later period. At present, the market price of polyvinyl alcohol in Southwest China is 13250 ~ 13450 yuan/ton, and the market price is 15800 ~ 16000 yuan/ton

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