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The eighth annual meeting of overseas agents of Shantui was held in Guangzhou.

the eighth annual meeting of overseas agents of Shantui was held in Guangzhou.

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on February 27, 2018, the eighth annual meeting of overseas agents of Shantui with the theme of "quality achieves value innovation drives the future" was held in Guangzhou. More than 130 people attended the annual meeting, including Zhang Xiuwen, chairman of Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Zhang Min, executive deputy general manager, an Lulin and Liu Chunchao, deputy general managers, Zhu Zhi, general manager of import and Export Corporation, and overseas agents

Zhang Xiuwen made an opening speech, in which he affirmed the achievements of Shantui in the overseas market in 2017, which benefited from the tenacious efforts of all Shantui people, and also benefited from the cooperation and support of the vast number of agent friends who persevered in the same boat. In 2018, Shantui will take "quality makes value, innovation drives the future" as its development philosophy, constantly improve the quality of products and services, continue to innovate, focus on market demand, inject new driving forces into the cooperation between business managers when it comes to the replacement of standard methods, provide more industrial and policy support for overseas agents, and further enhance the brand value of Shantui. I believe that the cooperation between Shantui and agents is not only the cooperation of career, but also the cooperation of heart to heart. We will work together to open up a new journey to achieve value

Zhang Min spoke about three aspects of Shantui's "manufacturing", Shantui's "quality" manufacturing and Shantui's "intelligent" manufacturing. In his speech, he said that Shantui pays attention to product manufacturing, and Shantui people are willing to use craftsmanship's "original intention" to create powerful products for customers, create excellent quality with lean, and use innovation to help industrial upgrading. Shantui always cares about customers. With the timeliness of Shantui's "manufacturing", the stability of Shantui's "quality" and the progressiveness of Shantui's "intelligent" manufacturing, Shantui will create greater value for customers, provide strong technical support and service guarantee, and go hand in hand to win the future

an Lulin made a concluding speech. On the basis of analyzing the macro-economy and industry development, he introduced the overall sales and highlights of Shantui in 2017, and made an overall analysis of the performance of Shantui products in overseas markets. He pointed out to overseas agents that the overseas market is the core of Shantui's market strategy, and the agency system is the core of Shantui's overseas market strategy. Shantui's future marketing plan will realize product scale and marketing globalization. Then, focusing on the business objectives of 2018, he determined that the overseas market in 2018 would work from four aspects: products, intelligent manufacturing, market and mode, and would provide comprehensive support from three aspects: products, resources and policies. An Lulin said that Shantui will comprehensively improve its competitiveness and customer satisfaction with cooperation confidence, expansion determination, satisfaction intention and sincere communication. She also hopes that overseas agents and friends will work with Shantui to strengthen their confidence and win-win future

Liu Chunchao made a speech with the theme of "information leads intelligent upgrading". He introduced the information layout and achievements of Shantui, focusing on the overseas business platform of Shantui. Its core is "to establish a customer-centric management system", focusing on the "internationalization, differentiation and channelization" marketing strategy of serving the overseas market, taking customers as the guide, focusing on the key points, and implementing step by step to meet the needs of future customers, Improve internal management, realize system management in all aspects of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales, and better serve customers. Intelligent upgrading focuses on providing high-end technical support to customers on core control strategy, intelligent remote control bulldozer, 3D intelligent construction technology, intelligent fault diagnosis, etc

Zhu Zhi made an in-depth analysis of the overseas market of Shantui in 2017 from four aspects: product performance, regional performance, agent performance, and key measures; He explained in detail the overall sales target of Shantui overseas market in 2018 and the target of each product in each region. Aiming at the marketing measures in 2018, he launched them one by one from the five aspects of organizational structure, market support, system management, organizational collaboration and product improvement, committed to improving customer satisfaction and achieving the marketing target in 2018. At the same time, it also clarified the agent management policy in 2018, and made "two enhancements" to the overseas market, "said Zhu Meifang, that is, to strengthen the agent credit management and strengthen the service training support, so as to improve the service quality, deliver the service value, create a communication platform and show the image of Shantui

during the meeting, a licensing ceremony was held for the new overseas agents of Shantui, awards were given to the outstanding overseas agents of Shantui in 2017, and a letter of objective was signed with the representatives of overseas agents

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