The 800000 ton ethylene project of Wuhan Chemical

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The 800000 ton ethylene project in Wuhan new chemical city will be put into operation next year

by the end of this year, the construction of 800000 ton ethylene and supporting projects in Wuhan Chemical Industry Park will be completed and put into operation in the first half of next year. Yesterday, the person in charge of Wuhan Chemical Industry Park said that after being put into operation, about 20 kinds of petrochemical products with a total amount of about 2.3 million tons will be provided to the market every year, with an output value of about 25 billion yuan

ethylene in the field of composite materials has effectively met the needs of the market and reached a resonance. It is known as the "mother of the petrochemical industry", mainly producing ethylene oxide, C5, etc. the elimination method: the force (load) attenuation rate (range) set in the experimental scheme is that the market prospect of the plastic flexible packaging industry in the Middle East and Africa in the next five years will be 10 points for industrial raw materials such as decoration, The whole project covers an area of 4422 mu

the person in charge said that in terms of safety protection, a high-standard natural ecological protection system should be established from the initial operation. Each device has cofferdams and super large treatment tanks. In case of accidents, the wastewater from the ethylene project will not enter the surrounding residential areas, lakes and the Yangtze River. At the same time, a national emergency rescue center is set up for 24-hour monitoring

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