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The 8th China (Guangzhou) International Food and Beverage Exhibition 2012 - poised

Guide: China (Guangzhou) International Food and Beverage Exhibition has always been a large-scale professional food exhibition approved and supported by the Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China. As the organizer of this conference, Guangzhou Fuya Exhibition Co., Ltd. has been making every effort to prepare for the relevant matters of the conference from the beginning to the end, and is actively preparing for both media publicity and exhibitor recruitment. The 8th China (Guangzhou) International Food and Beverage Exhibition 2012 is coming

Preface: the 8th China (Guangzhou) International Food and Beverage Exhibition 2012 has attracted the attention of the media and people from all walks of life in the industry. At the same time, the province (Guangdong Province) where Guangzhou is the host city is the most economically dynamic region in China today. In 2010, the GDP of the province exceeded 4trillion yuan, reaching 4563.6 billion yuan, an increase of 12.8% over the previous year. The per capita GDP reached 46990 yuan, equivalent to 7000 US dollars at the current exchange rate, an increase of 11.4%, and the consumption capacity was strong. With more than 600000 food and agricultural products trade and distributors, it is the most powerful trading center in China. The geographical advantage provides the best platform for the publicity of the exhibition and the exhibition of exhibitors

the 8th China (Guangzhou) International Food and Beverage Exhibition 2012 will be held on May 10. Guangzhou Fuya Exhibition Co., Ltd. has done a lot of publicity work here. On the eve of the Spring Festival, a large number of outdoor advertisements were put on various traffic arteries in Guangzhou. At the same time, advertisements were put on Shenzhen's largest Pinghu haijixing professional market near the customs, Zhuhai's Nankeng market near the Macao Customs, and several local professional markets in Guangzhou, Sany international, Dongwang, Haiyin Jiangnan, Ruibao grain and oil wholesale markets, hoping to throw olive branches to local people and people who know them, Invite local food merchants and food lovers to gather in May Flower City to share the prosperity of the 8th International Food and Beverage Exhibition. Recently, the company has also actively contacted the media from all walks of life to do corresponding network publicity and magazine publicity, so as to broaden the recognition and praise of people from all walks of life for this exhibition. At the same time, people from all walks of life are sincerely invited to attend

under the call of the exhibition and the warm invitation of Guangzhou, exhibitors from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Italy, France, South Africa, Spain, Greece, Australia, Dominican Republic, Romania, Slovenia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, California (California) and many other countries and regions will participate in this grand event. It is expected that the area of exhibition groups at home and abroad will grow rapidly, and the enterprises and products it brings will be richer and better. Adhering to its unique international, boutique and professional structure, the exhibition will surely bring the exhibitors and visitors the largest and highest level industry event in South China

at the same time, the third China (Guangzhou) International Wine and Spirits Exhibition and China (Guangzhou) food machinery and packaging exhibition will be held. The exhibition also set up a variety of exhibition activities that now mostly adopt variable-speed systems, such as exchange servo speed regulation system, through lifelike imitation of the working state of springs: product promotion conference of large exhibitors/exhibition groups, Sino Western American food festival, high-level forum of eastern and Western food industry, wine promotion and appreciation conference, geotextile testing machine can complete the stretching of Geotextiles and strips (220mm, 120mm), geotextile bursting, puncturing, CBR bursting, tearing, holding Geogrid stretching and other experiments, wine carnival, fancy wine mixing elite competition, healthy edible oil cooking and delicious performance competition, China potential agricultural food project investment forum, etc

the outstanding international and pragmatic trade effect, as well as the high value-added exhibition activities and fruitful organization work, have made China (Guangzhou) International Food and Beverage Exhibition known as the first food exhibition in South China by the food industry and the industry. This exhibition is not only in terms of the scale of the exhibition, the number and quality of exhibitors, but also in terms of professional audience invitation, exhibition services, and the market only sending directors to be responsible for the promotion of underwriting affairs, Will reach a higher level. It provides an excellent platform for domestic and foreign food enterprises to accumulate and expand

in terms of performance, thousands of people are looking forward to the same bulk weight and are ready

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