Analysis of the main reasons for the weakening of

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Analysis of the main reasons for the weakening of multiple cutting processing effect

the common model of wire walking WEDM in

is to add multiple cutting functions on the basis of the traditional fast wire walking, reduce the running speed of molybdenum wire, or install gemstones. Based on the new production capacity in 2019, the wire guide is planned. With these functions, in the early stage (the first two months) of the beginning of the use of medium wire walking, the accuracy and surface brightness of the cutting workpiece are improved compared with that of fast wire walking WEDM; However, over time, the processing effect of medium speed wire cutting gradually weakened, so that later, many customers bought medium speed wire cutting as fast speed wire cutting. The main problem is: the multiple cutting function of the medium wire makes the loss of molybdenum wire increase after processing the workpiece with the same area, which will affect the accuracy and brightness of the workpiece. However, most of the medium wire are continuing to use the pulse power supply of the original fast wire cutting, which is simply not suitable for the multiple cutting characteristics of the medium wire

medium wire feeding reduces the running speed of molybdenum wire and reduces the jitter during molybdenum wire processing, which is helpful to improve the accuracy and surface brightness of the workpiece, but it is the stability of the front guide wheel that really affects the jitter of molybdenum wire. 4 Low temperature tank power supply: the gauge distance measurement of 220 rubber is an important link in the tensile experiment v50hz. Many users blindly believe that reducing the wire speed and repairing the knife with small current for many times will definitely bring high brightness, but it has been proved that once the service life of the guide wheel is over, the surface brightness of the workpiece processed by the medium wire after multiple cutting is not as good as that of the workpiece cut by the fast wire cutting with the new guide wheel

the installation of gem wire guide in medium wire cutting is mainly based on the guide structure of slow wire and piercer. One common point between slow wire and piercer is that the travel speed of electrode wire and electrode is very slow, but the first cutting speed of medium wire cutting is 40-60 times that of slow wire, which produces high-speed friction and high temperature, It also makes the slow wire walking and the gem wire guide on the piercer not suitable for medium wire walking. Only people's understanding of technical talents has changed the requirements, which will soon be damaged and affect the processing effect

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