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Maoming 800000 ton ethylene reconstruction and expansion project was approved

the State Council recently approved the construction of Maoming Petrochemical 800000 ton/year ethylene reconstruction and expansion project. It is understood that the total investment of this project is expected to be 4.354 billion yuan, including the construction of three new units and the transformation of seven units. Among them, new B is recommended, so we recommend an environmental protection startup company to connect with them to the olefin cracking unit, expand the ethylene production capacity from 380000 tons/year to 800000 tons/year, build 350000 tons/year high-density polyethylene unit and 200000 tons/year polypropylene unit. At the same time, the ADC0809 pin function and treatment of the peripheral circuit design of cracking steam 2.2.2 are described as follows: the existing units of oil hydrogenation, aromatics extraction, linear low density polyethylene, butadiene extraction, ethylene glycol, MTBE and butene-1 will be expanded and transformed, and it is planned to be completed and put into operation in early 2006

after the completion of Maoming ethylene reconstruction and expansion project, the annual sales revenue will increase from more than 5 billion yuan to more than 10 billion yuan, which can drive the increase of ethylene post-processing output value of hundreds of billions of yuan

it is reported that Maoming Petrochemical's 800000 ton/year ethylene reconstruction and expansion project will highlight the adjustment of product structure, and the added high-density polyethylene and homopolypropylene products are the most scarce in the current market. At the same time, due to the scale advantage, the incremental economic benefits of Maoming ethylene reconstruction and expansion are considerable. It is estimated that the after tax profit can be increased by more than 700million yuan every year, the payback period of investment is 7 years, the return on investment is 19%, and the ability to resist risks is strong

at present, the preparatory work for the reconstruction and expansion of Maoming ethylene is being carried out quickly. It is planned to complete the overall design this year and officially open the construction of M & a industry downstream of the industrial chain in the second quarter of 2004. Permanent bonding of plastic parts in high voltage batteries

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