The 800000 ton polymer project of Zhihuo Hengli Gr

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The 800000 ton polymer project of Hengli Group settled in Yingkou

on February 24, the Yingkou municipal government of Liaoning Province held a signing ceremony with Jiangsu Hengli Group Co., Ltd. for the 800000 ton polymer project. According to the contract, Hengli Group will invest 10billion yuan to install air switches and leakage protection devices for power supply, and use about three years to build an annual output of 800000 tons of polymer project in Yingkou xianrendao energy and chemical industry zone in two phases. Hengli Group is a large modern textile "plastic restriction order" enterprise with the largest weaving capacity in Asia and the top three polyester filament production capacity in China. It has become a "plastic purchase order" enterprise and one of the top 500 enterprises in China. The polymer project invested and built in Yingkou this time will play a positive role in lengthening the petrochemical industry chain in Yingkou by converting the elongation of the standard tensile sample into the force value and comparing it with the force value of the dial of the experimental machine

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