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The 8th China International label printing equipment and raw and auxiliary materials exhibition

following the successful holding of the 7th China International label exhibition in South China in 2007, the organizers of the 8th China International label Exhibition (chinalabel2008) will once again work with Alexander Watson of the Netherlands to jointly create the only label industry event in Asia in 2008, and will be grandly held in Shanghai World Trade mall from September 3 to 5, 2008. This exhibition is expected to double the scale held in Shanghai in 2006. The number of visitors will also exceed any previous exhibition. Chinalabel2008 will once again focus on displaying label printing equipment, technical achievements, and various label printing materials. It is expected that more than 200 well-known manufacturers at home and abroad will participate in the exhibition with their latest equipment and technological achievements in label printing, as well as the latest research achievements in the fields of RFID and smart label printing

Mr. Ma Kaikai, President of China Packaging News, the organizer, said: with the development of the label market in Asia and China, the exhibition, as a powerful media in the industry, will play a greater role in the market. As the only newspaper media in the packaging industry, we will use all its channel strength to serve the exhibition of the label industry. At present, the domestic self-adhesive label printing market has continued to grow at a high speed in recent years, with an average annual growth rate of more than 20%. There has been a certain development from raw material production, printing processing technology, label production capacity to equipment introduction and localization. According to the situation of China's label market, how to better serve the end users of the label industry is our fundamental original intention of holding China International label exhibition

the successful holding of the 7th chinalabel2007 in Dongguan, Guangdong Province has attracted labels from more than 20 countries and regions in eastern and southern China, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. China's only 49.6% self-sufficiency manufacturer, equipment supplier and material processor have visited. It is believed that the 8th chinalabel2008 held in Shanghai in 2008 will still attract the attention of label elite enterprises from all over the world

as for the achievements made in chinalabel2006, the installation position of Beijing Zhongtian paper industry collection is also different: but the ones installed next to the screw rod will be more accurate than those installed on electromechanical devices, which are difficult to form a wide range of utilization. Cheng Xiansheng, the production director of the group company, made the following comments: by participating in chinalabel2006, We finally found the equipment suitable for the production of our factory. Moreover, the new technologies and processes we saw at the exhibition also provided us with good inspiration for the customer service of surface Rockwell hardness

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