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The dbv50 core is an overload system of the software part of the measuring wheel encoder system for measuring linear motion, and the standard specifies the error and fluctuation range of the experimental force. It is composed of a dbs50 incremental rotary encoder, an aluminum measuring wheel with a circumference of 200mm and a spring preloaded manipulator. Dbv50 core provides a variety of electrical interfaces, connection methods and resolutions, with a maximum resolution of 0.08 mm/pulse, which is very suitable for measuring position, speed and distance in linear motion applications

technical details:

1 encoder outlet direction of mechanical arm

2 set preload

3 spring special gold. The development of this spray free new product is not 1 sail smoothness and rubber wheel

4 mechanical elastic overload protection

5 encoder installation position

customer benefit:

measuring wheel encoder system has low installation depth, compact structure and space saving

large spring stroke and high compression force, It can adapt to the uneven measured surface

it can easily and repeatedly set the spring preload

prevent the spring overload through the spring travel limiter, so as to prevent system failure

the encoder I can be installed on the spring manipulator in various ways, which can meet a variety of application requirements

it adopts a reliable encoder with high radial load, and provides a variety of electrical interfaces Connection mode and resolution

typical applications:

measuring position, speed and distance in the application of linear motion in the field of warehousing and logistics and mechanical engineering

belt conveyor

woodworking industry

laser and inkjet printers used in the field of labels, packaging and bottling

round trip transportation system in the field of warehousing and logistics

volume measurement and weighing system

packaging equipment

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