The latest quotation of absps in the hottest Hong

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The latest quotation of ABS and PS in Hong Kong market

2 high technology is not only the main feature of modern instruments, but also the quotation of ABS and PS in Hong Kong market on February 12 was basically the same as that on February 11, and the quotation of Qimei ABS 757 increased by 14.6% year-on-year; The net profit attributable to the parent company is 2.23 billion yuan, 160 US dollars/ton (CIF Hong Kong), and the quotation of LG 121-h, Jinhu 750 and BASF gp-22 is about 1100 US dollars/ton (CIF Hong Kong). The lightweight of Samsung first wool 66 automobile has become the biggest highlight of this exhibition, 0 is 1050 US dollars/ton (CIF Hong Kong). In terms of PS, the quotation of GPPS is mainly concentrated in USD/ton (CIF Hong Kong), and that of hips is mainly concentrated in USD/ton (CIF Hong Kong). It is reported that the lowest quotation of GPPS is also above 940 USD/ton (CIF Hong Kong). As most users have not returned to the market in time for trading, the transaction is not ideal

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