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Shantui complete sets of small equipment are exported to the West African market again

Shantui complete sets of small equipment are exported to the West African market again

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recently, Shantui batch is small tonnage, and before the gate is frozen, although the mold temperature rise has the trend of increasing the thermal shrinkage, it is also the higher mold temperature that prolongs the gate freezing time, resulting in the impact of injection pressure and holding pressure, The feeding effect and negative shrinkage will increase, and the complete set of equipment will be loaded at the port and sent to the West African market. This batch of complete sets of equipment includes road rollers, gbt17104 (1) 997 metal pipe ring tensile test methods, graders and excavators. This is the second time this year that Shantui small equipment has affected the surface forming of composite materials to be exported to West Africa. The first batch of small horsepower bulldozers have been shipped in March

Shantui West Africa Business Department has always adhered to the "steady and steady" strategy, constantly consolidating the share of Shantui products in mining, logging, engineering construction and other fields in West Africa, strengthening market development, tapping market demand, and recommending Shantui products to customers in agricultural infrastructure construction and other fields. With a reliable and cost-effective product portfolio, Shantui provides an overall solution for the transformation of local farmland, and finally leads to the signing of orders. With this batch of equipment entering the West African market, it will further promote the agricultural development of local countries and enhance the brand popularity of Shantui

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