The most common problems of paper bucket

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Problems prone to paper barrels

the impact of the operation quality of the paper barrel forming process on the barrel bottom

the connection between the barrel body and the barrel bottom in the production process of paper barrels is mainly completed by the bottom sealing forming process, so the operation quality of the forming and sealing process affects the overall quality of paper barrels. After the equipment type is determined, the size changes of each part of the paper sealing die should be often checked, because when the die is closing the bottom of the paper sealing barrel, the vertical deviation of the lock ring die will cause different tightness of the bottom of the barrel, thus affecting the coincidence of the barrel bottom and the barrel body

establish various technical quality management systems and carry out effective control

specifically, establish the management system of the whole production process, including the purchase system of raw materials and oil delivery valve inspection, key process control system, incoming inspection system, first article inspection system, operator self inspection system, process mutual inspection system, quality inspector inspection system, finished product inspection system, etc. The control procedures of the management system should be established, and the methods and procedures for the approval, release, marking, cataloguing, use, change, recycling, archiving, storage and treatment of the existing system should be established. In the same place where the invalid management system must be issued and revoked in time, it should be ensured that each place uses the effective version of the corresponding system

process control should be carried out for the whole production process

first of all, the process operation procedures and inspection standards of each process in the production process should be formulated, and the key processes affecting product quality should be established. This is what must be known before purchasing, and continuous supervision should be carried out to ensure that each process in the production process is under control, and the control status of the production process should be effectively audited regularly and corrective measures should be taken in time, Solve abnormal situations and problems, and make assessment records

establish the inspection system and methods of raw materials and finished products

formulate the inspection system of raw materials, and record the inspection situation. The accuracy and precision of the testing equipment should meet the inspection requirements, and check it regularly. Process inspection includes first inspection, self inspection, mutual inspection and patrol inspection, and there are clear records

product inspection methods are mainly divided into two parts: appearance inspection and performance inspection, and the internal control indicators of inspection are higher than those of national standards. The following describes the inspection methods, inspection requirements and formulation criteria of paper barrels in the hydraulic universal testing machine

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