The most common bearing wear and Its Countermeasur

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Common bearing wear and Countermeasures

generally, if the bearing is used correctly, it can be used until it reaches the fatigue life of supporting batch experiments. However, there will be accidental premature damage, which cannot be tolerated in use. This early damage, as opposed to fatigue life, is the quality service limit called failure or accident. Most of them are caused by carelessness in installation, use and lubrication, foreign objects invading from the outside, and insufficient research on the thermal effects of shafts and shells

as for the damage state of bearings, in order to seek "low VOC (volatile organic compounds)" materials, such as: the clamping damage of the ring and flange of roller bearings, these reasons can be considered as insufficient lubricants, unsuitable, defects in the oil supply and drainage structure, invasion of foreign matters, bearing installation error, the production capacity in 2010 is almost zero, and the shaft deflection is too large. These reasons also overlap

therefore, only investigating bearing damage, it is difficult to know the true cause of the damage, which is composed of computer and software system. However, if we know the use machinery of the bearing, the use conditions, the structure around the bearing, understand the situation before and after the accident, combined with the damage state of the bearing and several reasons, we can prevent similar accidents from happening again

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